LTTA was held in Amasya, Turkiye

Learning Teaching Training Activity (LTTA) organized within e-dys-learn project was held between November 21-25, 2022 in Amasya, Turkiye. Teachers and academics from five countries (Bulgaria, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, and Turkiye) participated in the 5-day LTTA. The opening ceremony of the LTTA was held with the participation of Amasya University’s Rector, Vice-Rectors, Deans, academics, and students. The LTTA began with the opening speech of the University Rector, Professor Süleyman Elmacı. In his speech, Professor Elmacı said: “I believe that the ideal solutions to social problems, including education, can be produced with the collective efforts of the countries and institutions. E-dys-learn is a good example of these efforts.” After the Rector’s opening speech, the 5-day LTTA Project started with the presentation of the Coordinator Daniela Boneva on the introduction and progress of the project. Throughout the LTTA, the participants attended the sessions aiming to improve the te